RAILY 4 SE 4.0

Raily is a tool for planning model railway systems
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Raily is a tool for planning model railway systems. Raily supports the geometries of over 150 track systems from different vendors.
Create a track plan by simply joining the rails from one or more of the 150 plus module libraries of more than 60 different manufacturers.
Copy, delete, cut, move and rotate entire sections
Use of 1000 different layers for the organization of the plan.
Editing gradients (spiral ramp) with calculation of the resulting reductions.
View your plan in 3D mode.
Tracking the inventory of used items and calculating the price of the missing tracks with the opportunity to keep several parallel inventories.
Inserting lines to draw the wiring.
Setting of catenary poles.
Printing in a defined scale.
Inserting user defined texts.
Automatic labeling of track elements.
Representation of the rails as centerline, track width or bedding width.
Export to DXF, HPGL, BMP or EMF for further processing in other programs>
Updates of the track modules and the program by internet. (The update program has to be started by the user.)
Flexible tracks can be added by entering length, radius or angle, or be graphically edited using Bezier curves.
The Autoflex function allows two open ends to be closed automatically with flexible track pieces.
Editors that allow to design buildings, trees and special objects.
Repository of predefined objects, such as mountains, trees, buildings and rolling stock for the decoration of your plan. Objects can be scaled while pasting, so that all objects are available for all scales. Your own objects can be added to the repository.
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